Your Fitness Pal

What's it all about?

traX is a smart fitness tracker, allowing you to group exercises to workouts from any number of cardio, strength or flexibility exercises. When you start a workout traX will guide you through your exercises, presenting them one after the other - you don't have to worry about anything except your workout.

If desired your workout is been synced directly to Apple Health.

Your workout data is available to you in your stats and activity summary.

No matter if you work out at home, in the gym or with friends, traX helps you track your workouts and supports you reaching your fitness goals.


traX - Your Fitness Pal is free, download your copy from the AppStore:


If you miss a feature I would be happy if you let me know via feedback form in the app (About >> Feedback), via contact form or via traX support on Twitter, thanks for that!