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Get Started

traX allows you to put together workouts from any number of cardio, strength or flexibility exercises into a training session, your exercises are then started automatically one after the other - you don't have to worry about anything except your workout.


On first start traX guides you through the setup process, asking you for

  • Your Name
  • Body data
    • Either sync your dat with Apple Health (recommended)
    • Manually add your data
    • If you do not want to connect with Apple Health to sync your body data please make sure to update your data on first start or later on Profile. traX needs those values to calculate your calories burned.
  • Access to your location, needed for outdoor activity tracking
    • if not granted calories and distance can not be calculated


The dashboard serves as traX homepage with tipps and tricks, your recent activities, traX release notes and traX intro. You can configure the first page in settings to show or hide the sections displayed.


On the exercise page all your exercises are accessible, you can filter them by category or favorite. Create exercises of type

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
Create all your exercises like running or bike sessions, strength exercises and flexibility like blackroll, stretching or yoga.


Use workouts to create your individual trainings. Add all exercises for your session to the workout created, reorder them as needed, then simply start your training using the Start Activity button on the workout detail page.


Access all your activities, in detail view you will find the overall session summary plus all detail summaries per exercise inluded.


Settings page lets you set defaults for

  • Activity Sessions
  • Exercises, Workouts and Activity items
  • UI settings (dashboard)
  • App properties
When starting a new activity you can access the activity settings in the activity exercise list while activity not started or paused.


On profile page you can add or change your profile picture as well as your body data needed for correct calory calculations.
You can choose to let traX sync your body data from Apple Health, in case you don't make sure to add your data manually, otherwise correct calory calculation is not available.


I like traX for tracking my fitness, do I need to pay for it?

No. traX is for free, no in app buys or advertising is planned. Nevertheless you will be able to donate like buy me a coffee in a future version of traX.

I did not allow location tracking on setup, can I change that somewhere?


  • Start a cardio activity, when the activity starts the system should ask you for location access.
  • If the dialog does not show up, go to your iPhone settings, search for traX and use the Location menu to allow access.

I did not allow Apple Health access on setup, but I want traX to sync my activities to Apple Health. Can I configure that?

Yes. traX asks for read data which is your body data plus write data which are your activities.

  • Open traX profile and activate Synchronize with Apple Health. In the upcoming dialog check all access you want traX to give.
  • If the dialog does not show up, go to your iPhone settings, find Data Protection, open traX, here all access priviledges are shown, update them as desired.

  • I created a workout with several exercises, when starting it the first exercise does not start immediately, but shows the list of all exercises. How can I set immediate start?

    In Settings. Open Settings, on first tab in Activity Settings check Activity Quickstart.

    I noticed that activity start and end time difference is more than ahown in activity summary, does traX calculate this value wrong?

    No. There is a setting allowing you to either stop activvity timer between single exercises or keep timer running. Open Settings, on first tab in Activity Settings check or uncheck Auto-Pause after Exercise.